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CORONAVIRUS: How Worcestershire's Severn Heights care home remained covid-free

Message from the Director...

As the Operations Director for a very small private health and social care provider, Ablegrange this is a message to all our service users, their relatives and friends and families and all our staff, at all 3 of our care settings.

You may be aware that referrals from Local Authorities and Private Individuals for placements in our Nursing Homes and Supported Living Unit, have declined sharply since the 3rd week of April this year, and are currently wholly stopped.

What is truly saddening is that Health and Social care providers will be needed more than ever as we gradually move from the lock down to a more open society, as care homes are the safest places to care for the vulnerable and elderly in our society.

Unfortunately the furore in the media over Covid-19 deaths in care settings like care homes are sending the message that no care home is safe for people’s loved ones and this is simply untrue. Many of us have maintained a Covid-free status and are ready and willing to take on the care of people with complex health needs, dementia and Parkinson and provide a peaceful and loving environment for those requiring palliative care.

If it is safe to leave people who are already in care homes where they are, why is not safe to bring in new people into these covid-19 free settings?

I have written to our local MPs and received supportive responses, but the fact remains, while people fear for their loved ones, the situation will not change soon, or even quickly enough to save some Care Providers from going out of business. So I am writing to reassure you of the following:

 1. Our staff are experts in infection prevention and control and have been putting their years of experience to the service of all of our residents and service users. This is why we have remained Covid-Free in all 3 of our settings.

 2. Our staff truly care for our residents, who become part of the Ablegrange Family, when they come to our care settings.

 3. We understand the complex health and mental health needs of our service users who are elderly, vulnerable and need care and compassion for their needs. So if you are worried about your elderly or physically or mentally challenged family member or friend, that they might be lonely or struggling to manage for themselves during this very difficult time, please do call us, even if it is for advice or just a quick chat about your future or current needs.

Please do call me on 020 84221508 or e-mail:

We look forward to hearing from you.

Shelly Andon

Operations Director